*Please read this page before purchasing our product to prevent any confusion and miscommunication. Any problems resulted from the FAQ questions will be difficult to resolve.

Q. How is 3H hair different than the other hair vending sites?

A. 3H Hair, also known as the Healthy Human Hair, is the one of the best hair weave out in the industry. Our signature thin weft and our real virgin human hair give the silky feeling, unlike other commonly made hair products.

Q. How is the Shipping&Handling processed?

A. Shipping and Handling is processed after the transaction has been processed. The transaction time may take from little as 12 hours to maximum 1 day.

Q. When will my hair arrive?

A. Your hair once shipped will be available for tracking online. It will be sent via signature confirmation, and may take 2~3 business days to arrive. Please double check your shipping address, and make sure it’s similar as your billing unless mentioned separately.

Q. I’m trying to dye my hair! Which Hair do I need to buy?

A. For dying and bleaching hair, please use the Natural Series.

Q. How long will the hair last?

A. The life span of the hair may vary from time to time, depending on the person who’s caring it, but Natural Series lasts up to 5 years and more. Always keep in mind that if handled properly, it will last to its maximum life span.

Q. Do you have a local location?

A. Yes, we have independent distributing stores throughout Los Angeles and California.

Q. What grade is the 3H Hair?

A. Natural Series 3H products are 100% virgin human hair.

Q. Is 3H Hair Virgin Human Hair?
A. Yes, natural series is virgin human hair. 

Q. Can I pick up at a local location?

A. No, this is an independent distributing site and does not have the option of local pick-up.

Q. How can I exchange my hair?

A. You can exchange your hair as long it hasn’t been used, meaning unopened. Once the rubber band has been removed, it is no longer eligible for an exchange.

Q. Can I get a refund?

A. No, we currently do not offer refund.