3H Single Machine Weft

3H's signature single machine-weft holds the bundle perfectly strong, thus providing "no shedding" promise that all consumers worry about. The thin weft allows our clients to perform a natural style and fashion.

Shedding and Tangle Free

With complete control over shedding, tangle problems are also minimized in usage.


When we say long, we mean LONG. Consumers that know how to properly care and condition their hair extension products will be able to use 3H hair extensions up to five years.

Bleach, Dye, and Iron

Our product enables our clients to experience the style they have dreamed of. Providing them with the capability to iron, dye, and even bleach their hair, they can amplify their beauty.

​Wet and Wavy

​Never lose your texture. Our specialized technique allows our product to regain its texture once washed.


There are different styles and textures available: Straight, Deep Wave, Natural Wave, Ocean Wave, Tight Curl, and Super Tight Curl, ranging from 12" to 28".