3H Hair (Healthy Human Hair)
"World's number 1 quality hair"

3H Hair extension is the finalized result of over 50 years in research and experience. With its own history and expertise, 3H is the manufacturer of its own "one of a kind" signature Virgin Human Hair weaves. We provide to customers all around United States and Worldwide including California, Texas, New York, Atlanta, North and South Carolina, Florida, and many more locations.

3H is believed to be the only product that can be fully bleached, dyed, and heat ironed freely without limitations.
Majority of hair companies claim their products are able to bleach/dye/iron, but they usually do not live up to the expectations. 3H hair extension only consists of 100% Virgin Human Hair that has not been cuticle-stripped, being the true "Remy" hair. With great hair, great weft is also a mandatory.

3H's signature single machine-weft holds the bundle perfectly strong, thus providing "no shedding" promise that all consumers worry about. With complete control over shedding, tangle problems are also minimalized in usage. Consumers that know how to properly care and condition their hair extension products will be able to use 3H hair extensions up to five years.

We are the one and only manufacturers of the authentic 3H Hair. Please visit www.3hhair.com to see more details and videos about our product. There are different styles and textures available: Straight, Deep Wave, Natural Wave, Ocean Wave, Tight Curl, and Super Tight Curl, ranging from 12" to 28".

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Steven Kim
3H Director